Trainee Days – Specialist Disputes (March 2016)

23 March, 2016
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish

The Cripps Pemberton Greenish in a Day team caught up with trainee George Fahey this week, to discuss what a typical day in the Cripps Pemberton Greenish’s Specialist Disputes team is really like:


George’s Cripps Pemberton Greenish in a Day

8.45: I arrive at work, start up the computer and set up my time recording for the day. I check my Outlook diary to see what work and meetings I have lined up, and then check the papers and files on my desk to remind myself of where I am up to with my workload.

9.00: Cripps Pemberton Greenish is entering a fundraising team for the London Legal Walk 2016, which aims to raise money for legal aid centres in London. I have been asked to organise a team, which involves posting messages on the firm’s intranet, liaising with the organisers to create fundraising pages and to confirm who from Cripps Pemberton Greenish is participating, answering queries from colleagues who want to get involved, and keeping them updated when they do.

I update the names of our participants on the website, send an email to all participants, speak to Cripps Pemberton Greenish’s marketing team about using our email signatures to promote the fundraising, and answer some queries.

10:00: My supervisor has a new client seeking to bring a professional negligence claim against a firm of solicitors. I am asked to look through the information that we have in order to ascertain when the limitation period expires. The little information that we do have raise issues in relation to our client’s actual and constructive knowledge of the negligence, so I have to consider the Limitation Act carefully. I report back to my supervisor on the three possible limitation expiry dates, and tell him which I think is most likely to be the true expiry date. My supervisor agrees, and we decide that more information is required from the client so that we can be certain of the date by which a claim needs to be issued. I draft an email to the client.

10:40: The Specialist Disputes team handles debt recovery matters. The defendant to one of our claims has failed to acknowledge service of our claim or file a defence. I check with my supervisor before preparing and filing an application for default judgment with the court.

11:00: We are dealing with another debt recovery matter for a different client. The client is owed fees by two people who we have good reason to believe have left the UK and are now living elsewhere in Europe. We have obtained judgments against the debtors. I research whether there are any time limits on enforcing UK judgments via European Enforcement Orders.

11:30: I am acting as the treasurer for the Cripps Pemberton Greenish charity committee this year. Some money has landed on my desk which needs to be accounted for and sent to finance. I do my treasurer thing.

11:45: A potential client has made an enquiry as to whether we can help them with a claim for a faulty vehicle they have bought. My supervisor asks me to call them, so I speak with them on the phone and find out more information. I ask them to send me some further information by email so that we can confirm whether we can act for them, and how much it is likely to cost if we do.

12:10: I notice that someone has returned from holiday and brought the team some chocolates to share… I make my way over to said chocolates. The chocolates are good. I must remember to leave some for the rest of the team.

12:15: I attend a meeting in which my supervisor is meeting a client who needs help and advice in relation to a coroner’s inquest for their family member. I take a note of the meeting.

13:00: Lunch time. I head into the town centre to pick up some bits, chat with some other trainees on my way back, and read the paper online while I eat my lunch.

14:00: I have a weekly catch up with my supervisor to go over my workload generally, and what needs to be done this week. He asks if there are specific areas of litigation covered by the team that I still haven’t experienced, and then emails the team to see if anybody has any work for me relating to these areas.

14:30: We are acting for the defendants in a personal injury claim. As the accident happened abroad we are liaising with foreign solicitors as well as the solicitor acting for the Claimant in the UK. I am asked to review the Claimant’s damages claim by comparing it to the various medical reports that have been obtained to see if the figures ‘add up’. I prepare a report on the issues that we should contend. As the level of damages claimed depends on foreign law, I prepare questions for the foreign solicitors on the range of monetary awards to be expected in their jurisdiction. I draft an email to our client summarising these points.

16:15: I am asked to find appropriate experts for a medical negligence claim in which we act for the Claimant. I make enquiries and request the CV and details of fees and availability for each expert.

16:50: We are acting for the executors of an estate. Some relatives of the deceased are challenging the validity of the Will (which leaves a number of large monetary gifts to charity). We have been contacted by the solicitors of these relatives as well as those various firms representing the beneficiary charities. As the executors are neutral in such circumstances, our clients are providing information about the circumstances of the creation of the Will in answer to the beneficiaries’ questions.

I have already written to the executors and received a great deal of helpful information from them. I compile all of the information into one letter which I then send to the beneficiaries’ solicitors along with a bundle which includes medical information and copies of the Will, among other things.

17:55: Time to go home. As I live in Tunbridge Wells it is only a 20 minute walk!


George’s profile

Name: George Fahey

Current Seat: Specialist Disputes

Previous Seats: Employment, Investment (Commercial Property), Private Client, Commercial Disputes

Studied: Law – University of Leeds, LPC – BPP Leeds

Outside of work, I can usually be found… Playing football, jamming with friends

Favourite Film: Tombstone


Have any questions?  Feel free to get in touch with George by email at: