Trainee Days – Employment (February 2016)

23 February, 2016


Wondering what a typical trainee day in the Employment team at Cripps Pemberton Greenish is really like? Trainee Rebecca tells us more:


Rebecca Crosdil

Rebecca’s Cripps Pemberton Greenish in a day

8.45am: I arrive at our office in Kings Hill and check my work list for the day.  I work out which pieces of work I need to start today and update my work list.  I also check Cripps Pemberton Greenish’s intranet for the latest news and updates about the firm.  I check my inbox.  As trainees, we are responsible for organising some of Cripps Pemberton Greenish’s social events, including the End of Quarter Drinks.  I have been in contact with some potential venues. One venue has replied so I forward this on to the other trainees involved in organising the event to ask for their views.

9.30am: I start my work by continuing to draft a counter-schedule of loss for our client who is involved in an employment tribunal.  We are acting for the respondent in an unfair dismissal case.  The claimant has produced their schedule of loss identifying the value of their claim.  I now use this schedule to prepare a draft counter-schedule of loss to set out how our client objects to the claimant’s schedule.

11:00am: A colleague has forwarded an e-mail from a client to me.  The client has a query on shared parental leave and pay and has asked whether their employee’s proposals for maternity and shared parental leave can work.  I start work on researching the law on shared parental leave and pay as well as maternity leave. 

11:20am: The same colleague then asks me to proof read a document for a training session on updates in employment law that he is conducting at a client’s office tomorrow so I start on that straight away.  We discuss my suggested amendments and my colleague asks me to make the amendments to the document.

1.00pm: I discuss my draft counter-schedule of loss with my supervisor and we discuss how it should be amended and what further information we need from our client.

1:10pm: I pop out to the local supermarket to do some shopping and then return to my desk.

2.00pm: I check my e-mails.  I have received some more e-mails about the End of Quarter Drinks event so I deal with these before continuing with my research.

2.20pm: I continue with my research on shared parental leave and pay.  I use my research to try to work out whether our client’s employee’s proposals will work under the shared parental leave and pay regime.

3.15pm: My colleague has asked me to do some further proof reading for the training session he is leading tomorrow.  I read through the training documents and I discuss my suggested amendments with my colleague who then asks the employment team secretary to make the changes.

4:15pm: Having finished the proof reading, I return to my research on shared parental leave and pay.  I start to draft a preliminary response to our client detailing my conclusions on the matter.  

5:30pm: I receive a telephone call from one of the venues I had made enquiries about to discuss possible prices and arrangements for our End of Quarter Drinks event.  Once I have finished the call, I e-mail the other trainees who are involved in the organisation to update them on the information the manager at the venue has given me.

6.00pm: I discuss my progress on the research I have done so far with my colleague on shared parental leave and pay.  I then finish the day by checking and updating my work list for tomorrow.  I also make sure that my time recording is finalised for the day.


More about Rebecca

Name: Rebecca Crosdil

Current Seat: Employment

Location: Kings Hill

Previous Seats: Real Estate – Investment, Residential Conveyancing and Corporate

Studied: Jurisprudence at Magdalen College, Oxford University.

Outside of work, I can usually be found… baking cakes, in the garden growing vegetables or helping with the livestock on my parents’ smallholding.

Favourite Film: Pirates of the Caribbean