Trainee Days – Commercial Disputes (February 2016)

19 February, 2016
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish

The Cripps Pemberton Greenish in a Day team caught up with trainee George Faye this week, to discuss a typical day in the Commercial Disputes team:


George’s Cripps Pemberton Greenish in a day

8.30am: Arrive at work, fire up the computer, check the calendar and emails.

8:45am: I do some general admin for internal charity work and our local Junior Lawyers Division.

9.00am: The managing associate in the team has involved me in a matter concerning a contractual dispute. Having reviewed the contractual documents and email correspondence between the parties, and drafted a letter to the other side on behalf of our client earlier in the week, I have now been asked to consider their response. I read the letter and decide that it does not change our position, which is strong. I discuss my thoughts on an appropriate response with the managing associate, who asks me to draft a further letter. Once checked, my letter is sent to our client for approval and then to the other side’s solicitors.

10:00am: Football – Cripps Pemberton Greenish plays 6-a-side football every Monday night on a local pitch. I email a contact from another local company to see if they have got a team together for our friendly game next week.

10:05am: I prepare a bundle of case management related documents to be filed with the Court. The partner in the team has asked me to draft a list of issues for the litigation along with other documents, including a Directions Questionnaire, Draft Directions, and Disclosure Report. I prepare and send out hard and electronic copies.

10:40am: I telephone the Court for confirmation that the claim form of one of our clients has been served on the other party. It can take a few attempts to get through, but I get the confirmation and email the client with the update.

11:00am: I carry out research on the process for appealing the actions of court appointed bailiffs who wrongfully take the personal property of a director when the debt was owed by his company. I email my findings to the member of the team who gave me the task.

11:45am: I prepare an email of advice to a client outlining the options available when dissolving a dormant subsidiary company.

1:00pm: Lunchtime with fellow trainees. I also do some errands in Tunbridge Wells town centre.

2:00pm: I check my emails again before starting the afternoon’s work.

2:10pm: I have been asked to prepare a formal report for a client on an aspect of EU Competition Law and the procedure to make a referral to the European Director General for Competition. It is not an area I know anything about, so I start researching. I consult online libraries and databases to get an overview. The information available is not very detailed, so I find the relevant Treaty on the European Union’s website of EU law and publications. Comprehending the law and then explaining it in layman’s terms is challenging but rewarding. I will do as much of the report as I can and finish it tomorrow.

4:00pm: Each month Cripps Pemberton Greenish trainees meet up with their supervisors, who review your progress, see how you are doing generally, and make plans to help you gain experience in tasks and matters that you have yet to work on. I print off my appraisal form (a current work in progress) and experience checklist, and pop into the town centre for a quiet coffee and catch up with my supervisor. After chatting about how I am finding this current seat, we identify and make a list of aspects of litigation which I have yet to be involved in. Once we are back in the office my supervisor emails the other fee earners in the team and asks them to look out for opportunities to broaden my experience.

4:30pm: I have heard back from our prospective opposition – football is on next week. I email around the usual footballers to see who wants to be part of next week’s team.

4:40pm: I am attending an application hearing at the High Court of Justice (in the Rolls Building, London) with a solicitor in the team tomorrow. As we have made the application for injunctive relief to prevent the winding up of a company, I will need to take detailed notes of the hearing in case the other side does not attend. I speak to IT to obtain a laptop for tomorrow and review the file. I read counsel’s skeleton argument and look through the 100 page bundle of documents I will be taking with me tomorrow.

5:50pm: Time for a final review of the inbox for the day. I check the firm’s internal webpage for any updates or announcements and my calendar for tomorrow. I double-check tomorrow’s train times.

6:00pm: I make sure everything is ready for tomorrow morning and leave the office. As I live in Tunbridge Wells it is only a 20 minute walk home!

More about George

Name: George Fahey

Current Seat: Commercial Disputes

Location: Tunbridge Wells

Previous Seats: Employment, Commercial Property, Private Client

Studied: Law at University of Leeds, LPC at BPP Leeds

Outside of work, I can usually be found… playing football, jamming with friends

Favourite Film: Tombstone