A day in the corporate real estate team

23 August, 2017
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish

In this week’s trainee solicitor blog, we catch up with second seat trainee Lorna Young, as she tells us about her experience in the corporate real estate team.

My Cripps Pemberton Greenish in a day

8.30am: I arrive at work, make myself a cup of tea and sit down to check if I have received any new e-mails since I left the office the evening before.

8:45am: We have been instructed to draft a new lease of a shop for one of our larger clients. The client has a precedent lease which I have been asked to use.

I start drafting the lease against the heads of terms and flag any points on which I have not received instructions. I then email this draft to the partner to review. 

10.15am: My supervisor’s client calls to let me know he will be attending the office this morning to sign a lease and rent deposit deed I sent him earlier on in the week for approval. He is letting offices in a building he purchased and renovated. I arrange for signing copies of the documents to be printed in time for his arrival.

10:30am: My supervisor and I meet the client to obtain his signatures and I witness these accordingly. He informs us that he is looking to buy more property in the area and asks me to find out who owns the two buildings he has in mind. At the end of the meeting he asks my supervisor and I if we would like to attend his annual summer BBQ.

11.00am: I return to my desk and let the tenant’s solicitor know that I am holding the signed documents and I am ready to complete. She informs me that her client would like to complete the following week. I therefore prepare the completion statement to send to her and email the client letting him know the completion date. I also attach the titles for the proposed properties we had discussed in our meeting.

11.30pm: A partner in the team e-mails me asking if I could provide him with a review of title documents and searches which he has received on a matter where our client is taking a new lease of a shop in a new development in London. He requests this is done by the end of the day so I make a start compiling an e-mail containing the most important information from the searches and title. I make a note of anything particularly onerous that would affect our client’s use of the property.

1.00pm: As it is Friday, the majority of the Corporate Real Estate team head to our local pub for lunch. The team is very sociable and pub lunches have become a weekly occurrence.

2.00pm: I return from lunch to an e-mail from our client which contains various documents that I had requested earlier in the week.

The client is re-financing and the bank’s solicitor requires the documentation for review. I check I have received the correct documents and start drafting replies to the bank’s enquiries.

The enquiries are lengthy and require information about the property. I answer these as far as I can and send them to the partner for checking.

4.00pm: The partner has reviewed the lease I drafted earlier in the day and has provided me with comments, I make these amendments and tidy up the formatting and email this to our client for approval. As this is an experienced client I know to expect a call the following week to discuss the lease and timescales for completion.

4:45pm: It is time to set up the drinks trolley. The real estate team sit together on one floor and the trainees take it in turn to take the trolley around and serve the drinks (think easyJet airhostess..). This is a good opportunity to have a quick catch up with other people in the team.

 5:15pm: I file my completed e-mails, finalise my time recording and head to the pub with some of the other trainees.

Lorna’s profile

Previous Seat: Residential Property

Studied: Law (LLB) at the University of the West of England, LPC at the University of Law, London Bloomsbury

Outside of work, I can usually be found… horse riding or meeting friends for drinks.