The property side of corporate deals

7 December, 2016
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish

My Cripps Pemberton Greenish in a Day

8.30am: I arrive at the office and have an informal chat with the team.  Everyone is really friendly which has made settling into my first seat a smooth transition.  I make myself a cappuccino from the coffee machine, review my to-do list for the day and check my emails.

8.45am: I have a quick catch up with my supervisor to discuss the day ahead.  I then begin drafting a licence to assign and an authorised guarantee agreement (AGA) for a client who owns several commercial properties in Kent.  After proof reading and reviewing the client’s instructions to ensure that I have included all relevant information (and excluded all irrelevant clauses in our office precedent), I email the documents to my supervisor to check over along with a draft email to the client.

10.00am: I accompany one of the partners in my department to a client meeting.  The partner reviews a ten year lease of part of a large office building and sets out our client’s rights and obligations as tenant.  A few amendments to the lease are required to meet the client’s objectives and I note these down.  Senior members of the team bring me along to meetings when possible and this has helped me understand commercial property transactions from a client’s point of view.

12.00pm: I receive an email back from my supervisor with comments about the licence to assign and AGA that I drafted earlier.  I make the required amendments and email the final drafts out to the client for approval.

1.00pm: Over lunch I run a few personal errands and grab a sandwich from Pret.  Cripps Pemberton Greenish is located in the centre of Tunbridge Wells making it easy to do errands such as banking and shopping while offering a variety of choice for lunch.

2.00pm: Trainees are involved with business development projects to help understand the firm as a business.  I undertake a couple of hours of research on my (confidential) topic and begin drafting my research report in anticipation for a catch-up meeting with my project supervisor next week.

4.00pm: I assist an associate with drafting a transfer of part.  Our client sold freehold premises several years ago, but the law firm that handled the sale inadvertently did not include a courtyard in the transfer.  The client is relying on Cripps Pemberton Greenish to rectify the situation.

5.15pm: I prepare my to-do list for Monday before leaving the office in time to attend the Real Estate Division Christmas party at a nearby hotel.

Heather’s profile

Name: Heather Chow

Current seat: Corporate Real Estate

Previous seats: This is my first seat

Studied: Law at the University of Sussex, LPC at the University of Law, London Moorgate

Outside of work, I can usually be found… at a yoga class, meeting friends at a local pub or reading a book