A day in the life of a Trainee Solicitor… changing seats!

8 June, 2016
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish

8.30am: Usually, I am in the office by about 8.30; this morning, however, I am starting my day from home. I will be working here for an hour or so, before making my way to a small village in north Kent, for a site visit.

These visits are unusual for junior members of the Residential Investment team, but I will actually be going as a future member of our Development team. I have reached the end of my Residential Investment seat, and I will soon be assisting my future supervisor on this new instruction.

This will be an excellent opportunity to get the feel for the new site, and meet a representative of the client.

Site inspections of land which is to be developed are really essential nowadays. These may, for instance, reveal the existence of a public right of way or, indeed, other rights which may not be discoverable from a mere investigation of title.

08.45: Having checked my to-do list for the day (it is quite long!) I start replying to a few emails I have received overnight. As most of our residential investor clients are based overseas (mainly in South East Asia), it is very usual to wake up to a pretty full inbox!

9.00am: I have been assisting one of my current supervisors on a rather large property finance transaction, which involves a long list of residential properties. There are various law firms involved including large city firms (it is not unusual for Cripps Pemberton Greenish to be involved in transactions where the other side is represented by a much larger, often global firm – indeed that’s testament to the quality of work we undertake!). I have received some information I was expecting from a local authority, so I can amend a document I have been working on, and send an update to the lender’s solicitors.

9.30: It is now time to make my way to the development site, aka a very large field! It might sound odd but, having really enjoyed my advanced property module on the LPC, and having looked forward to joining our Development team, I am very excited about my very first site visit!

10.30: I arrive at the site and, having driven around it and the surrounding area, I meet up with my future supervisor and client. True to form, it’s raining. Thanks weather! Good job I have brought walking boots and, most importantly, an umbrella!

We make our way to the actual site, and the fun begins. We carry out a thorough physical inspection and, by walking all around the existing boundaries, we ensure that these match up to the maps we have been supplied with.

12.00: Site visit over, I arrive at the office (sun is now shining!) and catch up with my supervisors. As this is my last day in this seat, we talk over what work I still need to finish. As well as ensuring that thorough notes are left for each matter I have been working on, I have some ad hoc tasks which I need to finish before the end of the day.

14.00: Having attended a leaving lunch for one of our team assistants who has been promoted to a different role, I crack on with the rest of my to-do list. First, I have an agreement for lease which I have been asked to look at. My supervisor has already approved the contract in principle, but there are some provisions she would like me to look at and report on for her consideration.

At the beginning of each development sale, it is important for us to agree with the vendor’s solicitors the finalised version of the contract so that, once purchasers instruct us, the contract has been agreed, and our legal report is ready for their inspection.

16.00: It is now time for me to finalise the notes I have made for each of my files. At the end of each seat, it is important to pass on very clear instructions to whoever is taking over, so as to ensure that nothing is left to chance.

19.30: I have almost finished, and I must say I am feeling rather tired. All I have to do now is physically move desks!

This is no easy feat. Not only do I have to move desks, and offices… I have to move buildings too! Thankfully, my new home is just over the road, in the beautiful Windsor House.

Come the end of the year, of course, moving seats will be much easier, as our brand new head office up the road will be finally finished and everyone in Tunbridge Wells will be in one building. As of now, however, I’ll have to carry my (3) big boxes of files and personal effects across the road, one by one. And it’s raining again. Thanks weather!

My profile

Name: Franco Lambiase

Current Seat: Residential Investment, moving to Development

Previous Seats: Advisory (Wills, Tax and Trusts)

Studied: Outside of work, I can usually be found… Cooking, gardening, painting…

Favourite Film: Too hard! The legend of 1900, The pianist, Doctor Zhivago… and many more!

Have any questions? Feel free to get in touch by email at: franco.lambiase@crippspg.co.uk