5 Top Tips for Training Contract Applications

6 April, 2016

Starting to apply for training contracts? Want to make your application stand out? Read on to find out Cripps Pemberton Greenish Trainee Hannah Baker’s 5 Top Tips for Training Contract Applications:


Here are five tips to 38514316_mlkeep in mind when applying for training contracts.

1          Experience

Of course all experience is valuable. However, when thinking about applying for training contracts it is important to try and get as much relevant work experience as possible.

2          Research, Research, Research!

Thoroughly researching the firms you are applying to is a must. It is important to understand as much about the firm as you can as early in the process as possible. Amongst many other things, this should include the structure, office locations, practice areas and people.

Not only will good research help you to make an informed decision about the firms which are right for you, but it will also help you to tailor your application to that particular firm.

For example, you will want to tell the reader ‘Why Cripps Pemberton Greenish?’

You might like to consider subscribing to the firm’s blogs or newsletters or attend careers fairs to speak with representatives of the firm.

Bonus: this research acts as early interview preparation too!

3          Give yourself time

As tempting as it may be, do not leave it until the night before the deadline to get started on your written application! Honestly, don’t!

Ideally, give yourself enough time to draft the application, go away and come back to it later to review and amend it.

4          Proof read

This may sound obvious, as spelling and grammar are such simple things to get right! But getting it wrong can potentially be disastrous. Typos and other errors will not give the reader a good first impression.

5          Be yourself

Keep in mind that the reader will have read a lot of applications! So, be yourself and show some personality.

You might like to tell the reader about an interesting hobby you enjoy, your path into law or your career aspirations including areas of law which particularly interest you.


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