Trainee Days – Family (September 2016)

28 September, 2016
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish

This week, the Cripps Pemberton Greenish in a Day team caught up with Trainee Tessa Cumming-Bruce.


Tessa’s Cripps Pemberton Greenish in a Day

8.45am: I arrive at work and begin by checking my emails and going through my to-do list.  I respond to urgent emails which came in over the weekend and then settletessa-cumming-bruce-tcb-round down to start working through my tasks for the day.

9.05am: I have to make several telephone calls, booking counsel for one client and, for several other clients, telephoning the court to find out about progress on various consent orders and hearing listing dates.

9.45am: I am doing some research on case law around division of trust and non-trust assets in divorce cases.  This area of law can be quite complex and extracting the relevant principles will take some time.

12.30pm: I have a client meeting at 2pm and so, to prepare for the meeting I gather documents and read relevant background information.

1.00pm: I meet a few of the trainees for lunch in the sun in Calverley Park.

1.55pm: I am joining a colleague for a client meeting; the meeting is to discuss the financial disclosure obligations on our client, and their spouse, in the divorce proceedings. We take the relevant form, Form E, to talk the client through it and explain what documents we need from them in order to complete the form.  I take a detailed attendance note of the meeting which is added to the client’s file for future reference.

4.05pm: A colleague is drafting a pre-nuptial agreement and has asked me to help with the wording of a challenging clause. I really enjoy drafting so happily agree to spend half an hour looking into it and email her some draft wording.

4.35pm: There is a FDR (financial dispute resolution) hearing next week for one of our clients. At this stage the parties settle the financial arrangements and I am putting together a bundle of relevant documents which will be sent to all parties, including the court, ahead of the hearing. I spend just under an hour preparing the bundle which I then give to the solicitor in charge of the matter to check, in case she would like additional documents added, before confirming it is complete.

5.35pm: I am assisting counsel this week at a client’s family court hearing in Tunbridge Wells. As with all matters in the family team, a sensitive approach with awareness of any underlying stress and tensions between parties is important. I have prepared the bundle which has already been sent out to the parties. I print and gather together all additional documents which may be needed, so they are ready for the morning.

6.00pm: I finalise my time recording for the day and update my to-do list before heading to the station.


Tessa’s profile

Name: Tessa Cumming-Bruce

Current Seat: Family (third seat)

Previous Seats: Commercial Real Estate, Employment

Studied: Philosophy at the University of St Andrews; GDL at Kaplan Law School; LPC at the University of Law

Outside of work, I can usually be found: with friends or family, out and about if sunny and in the pub if not!

One of my favourite books is: The Secret Race, by Tyler Hamilton