A day in the life of a first seat trainee – in the Kings Hill office

14 December, 2016

The Cripps Pemberton Greenish in a Day team caught up with Dan Badham this week to hear more about a day in the life of a trainee in the Cripps Pemberton Greenish corporate real estate team in Kings Hill. Read on to find out more…

Dan’s Cripps Pemberton Greenish in a Day

8:30am: I usually arrive at the office around this time. First, I read my to-do list from the previous day and check my inbox. Before making a start on new tasks, I take the opportunity to read property law update and news emails. This is a useful way of keeping abreast of relevant developments, which is as crucial for a trainee as it is for a partner. Cripps Pemberton Greenish also has its own internal updates, which I read when published.

9:00am: One of my colleagues asks me to prepare a first draft lease of retail premises, as well as a rent deposit deed. The firm has an excellent bank of precedent documents to assist in this task, however some bespoke drafting and adaptation is always required! I familiarise myself with the file and the heads of terms and, paying careful attention to client instructions, I draft the lease. I carry out some background reading on rent deposit deeds; I have never drafted one before and welcome the chance to try something new.

11:30am: I receive an email passing on some new work for a client who requires additional rights of access to their land following the process of first registration. After reviewing the title documents and Land Registry Map Search, I realise that this matter may be more complex than I first thought, involving both registered and unregistered land. I make a note for myself that further research will be required.

12:00pm: I head downstairs with the rest of my team for our weekly team meeting. Here, we discuss interesting new business and on-going work. Holding these meetings is important from a teamwork perspective as it enables work to be spread evenly and allows us to feed back on progress.

13:00pm: The firm occasionally holds lunchtime training sessions, but today I am free and so head off for a sandwich. At the Kings Hill office, we have a pool table and table football. These provide a fun change of pace (although my table football skills leave much to be desired!).

2:00pm: I get back to my desk and carry out the research that I identified earlier in the day. This matter involves the registration of prescriptive easements and I draft the documents which must accompany the client’s application to the Land Registry. After completing this, I send the documents to my colleague for review.

2:45pm: My supervisor asks me to assist the corporate team in assessing the property warranties to be given by our client under a share purchase agreement. My team often carries out support work for the healthcare and corporate teams, which I enjoy as it provides for a diverse workload and is a great way to meet people across the firm. I read over the relevant parts of the agreement before considering the reasonableness of the warranties and proposing some amendments. I sit down with my supervisor to discuss my work and then report to the corporate team.

3:45pm: Another colleague asks me to assist them in preparing a report on title and the terms of an option agreement, which are connected to the lease of a site for an energy project. One of the best things about corporate real estate is that you get to work with a wide array of clients on a variety of matters, which gives me experience of many different areas of business. Drawing on my previous experience of writing similar reports, I take care to explain the legal issues relating to the site in a simple and succinct manner. Drafting a report on title is an interesting exercise for a trainee because it covers several vital parts of the due diligence required in a property transaction. After proof-reading my work, I send it off for approval.

5:45pm: I make sure I have recorded all my time and that no urgent work has been left outstanding. I write out my to-do list ready for tomorrow and leave the office at around 6:00pm.

Dan’s profile

Name: Dan Badham

Current Seat: Corporate Real Estate (Kings Hill)

Previous Seats: This is my first seat

Studied: Law at the University of Bristol, LPC at the University of Law (Bloomsbury)

Outside of work, I can usually be found… Trying to wrap my head around the works of David Foster Wallace, or putting myself through the stresses of supporting Swansea City AFC