A day in the healthcare team

1 February, 2017
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish

In this week’s edition of Cripps Pemberton Greenish in a Day, Cripps Pemberton Greenish’s very own trainee solicitor blog, we catch up with first seat trainee Alex Aristodemou, who tells us what it’s really like to work in one of the firm’s most specialised legal teams.

Alex’s Cripps Pemberton Greenish in a Day

8.30am: My first seat is in our Kings Hill office. I begin by updating my daily checklist and deciding what needs to be prioritised, following which I book myself in for a series of corporate training sessions and schedule these in my calendar.

9.05am: The team is working closely with other departments to successfully complete a large acquisition. Several ancillary documents are required as per the completion agenda so I begin by making a list of what is needed and downloading the relevant forms and precedents from our online database.

9.45am: The team regularly advises NHS Practices on practical and legal aspects of working closer together by loose association or formal merger. As such, I have been asked by a partner in the team to research and draft an email to a prospective client outlining the legal structures available. We are attending a meeting in London with them tomorrow evening where we will present the work we do whilst getting the various practices to identify common areas of co-operation, so the note offers a concise outline of the options available. I send him the note and after instructing me to make some minor amendments, he is happy to forward it on.

11.15am: I begin to carefully draft the various documents I downloaded this morning, saving them to the client file. This requires the cross-referencing of information about the companies involved in the transaction..

My training seat checklist requires me to draft board minutes, so having been given the opportunity to do so, I make a note on my to-do list that this needs to be prioritised for tomorrow morning.

1.00pm: I have arranged to have lunch with a fellow trainee in the staff room. There are various goodies to be found including a dart board (which is my personal favourite) and an Xbox One! We eat and then join a couple of colleagues for a game of table football.

2.00pm: A partner has asked me to locate share certificates and stock transfer forms for a group of companies which is looking to raise debt finance for a large acquisition. Having retrieved and reviewed these documents we have a discussion about which certificates are missing as these will require an indemnity to be prepared in favour of the lender.

4.30pm: My supervisor has asked me to conduct a due diligence exercise, reviewing the information our client has provided on the sale of a dental practice surgery. I begin by checking the replies and documentation provided, and then I start responding to the various queries. This helps identify any gaps which will enable me to get back to the client with additional requests for documents/information, before preparing the bundle for the buyer’s solicitor. Taking this proactive approach rather than waiting for the buyer’s solicitor to identify any gaps will enable the transaction to proceed more smoothly without a constant back and forth between the two sides. As there is important information missing, I promptly prepare and send an email to our client.

6.00pm: I update and finalise my time recording for the day, ensuring all information has been recorded correctly. Each member of the healthcare team keeps a work list on our online file management system, which enables a fair allocation of work.

As it’s Monday, I am driving to the Hawkenbury Recreation Ground in Tunbridge Wells for a game of football at 6.30pm. The firm books the pitch and we usually have enough people for a 6-aside internal game.


Name: Alex Aristodemou

Current Seat: Corporate (Healthcare),first seat

Upcoming Seats: Commercial Dispute Resolution, Corporate Real Estate, Corporate (M&A)

Studied: Law with European Legal Studies at the University of Kent; LLM in Banking and Finance Law at Queen Mary, University of London; LPC at the University of Law, Moorgate

Outside of work, I can usually be found: playing music, trying to improve my football/tennis/golf or exercising at the gym

Favourite TV Boxset: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Have any questions? Feel free to get in touch by email at: alex.aristodemou@crippspg.co.uk