What is the end game for getting back to the office?

3 August, 2020
by: Cripps Pemberton Greenish

Offices are not redundant but some are facing an identity crisis.


On Thursday 30 July, Sector Head for Occupiers, Oliver Morris, hosted a webinar with panellists Rosie Haslem (Spacelab) and Lee Butz (District Technologies).


Tune in to the recording below to hear their conversation and responses to live questions on:


–    Workplace strategy: how businesses are piloting getting people back into the building safely whilst addressing the bigger picture of the future workplace

–    Activity-based offices: the demise of the desk and the rise of collaborative and social spaces in the workplace

–    Team engagement and communication: using technology to bring a dispersed workforce together and maintain a common purpose

–    Collecting data: using feedback to understand and improve user experience and maximise efficiency


Click here for the webinar recording. https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/_9ZxfpPTz05Lb6fu8lPFWP4HT93dX6a8gSNN-qILzk0uga7xDc7MKMEOJR-wQULy


If you would like to discuss how you see your office requirements changing and how we can help, please contact Oliver Morris oliver.morris@crippspg.co.uk