Returning to work

As lockdown measures begin to ease, many businesses are starting to plan for the future, and the return to work.  

On this page, we provide practical tips and legal advice to support businesses with the return to work.  

Preparing your workplace

The Government has published a range of measures and recommendations to support employers re-opening their workplaces after the lockdown and to facilitate employees returning to work.  

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With most and possibly all of their workforce having been confined to the safety of their homes we take a look at what business should be considering before staff return to the workplace. Listen to our suggestions to help protect the health and safety of your workforce, avoid the potential pitfalls and minimise your liabilities as a business.

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This webinar focuses on issues that employers are likely to face now that we are entering the recovery phase of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Whilst the normality of working life remains seemingly distant, the need for employers to prepare for life during and after corona is essential because the pandemic is likely to change working life as we know it.

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Managing your people 

As workforces begin returning to offices, schools, shops and construction sites, employers are turning their attention to how best to keep their workforce safe. In addition to the practical return to work considerations which we have outlined here, one option which is being considered by employers is the possibility of workforce Covid-19 testing.  

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On Friday 20th March the Chancellor announced a new Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme which is intended to support businesses through the Coronavirus crisis by underwriting the employment costs for the employees they would otherwise need to make redundant or to lay off temporarily without pay. 

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HMRC has now published further details of the flexible furlough scheme which comes into effect on 1st July 2020, through the publication of fresh guidance and a series of changes to existing guidance. We look at the essential features of the flexible furlough scheme and the key points of difference compared to the current furlough scheme.

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As lockdown starts to ease, many employers have questions about returning to work.  Our employment team answer common questions including: ‘Do we need to pay sick pay to someone with symptoms of Coronavirus?’, ‘How do we handle employees who do not want to come to work?’ and ‘What should I do about an employee who has children at home due to school closures?’.

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The Coronavirus situation may lead to workplace absences for a variety of reasons.  Read our summary of legal rights to pay and suggested best practice for different types of absence, which we will continue to update in the light of developments including further legislation and Government guidance.

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